Switch to MO99 refrigerant to save money and the environment

In partnership with Emerson Network Power Global Services, CSS is able to help clients make the switch from R22 gas to the efficient, green and lower cost MO99 gas from as little as $1200 per air conditioning unit.

In Australia, under the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act (1989), R22 will be essentially phased out by 2016 – 4 years ahead of most other countries.

Therefore, it pays to start taking action now by retrofitting existing units and switching to M099 before being exposed to potential R22 supply issues and pricing volatility.

The work involved is fairly simple and involves recovering the existing R22, replacing critical seals, charging the refrigerant, restarting the system and monitoring for leaks.

As the only Data Centre Solutions Partner endorsed by Emerson Network Power in Australia and New Zealand, CSS is well placed to undertake this work for its clients. To find out, more contact CSS on 1300 360 699 or email admin@computersite.com.au