At Contracting Site Solutions, we have a team of qualified technicians on hand to service all of your maintenance requirements.

Emergency maintenance

Even if the matter is urgent, you can connect with us and we will dispatch maintenance staff in emergency situations or schedule an appointment for less time sensitive problems.

We believe that you should never have to be in a situation where it can’t be fixed as soon as possible and offer emergency attendance in addition to our preventative or scheduled maintenance services.

Planned maintenance

We provide planned maintenance solutions that:

  • are reliable by adding another layer of redundancy
  • extends product lifecycle and optimises capital expenditure for any equipment
  • provides risk management at a fixed cost, helping with budget preparation and fiscal responsibility
  • gives you better control of your business environment.

And although, we entirely believe in the quality and durability of our of the equipment we install, we want to give you that extra peace of mind by knowing that you can call on us any time of the day to attend to your request.

You never have to worry about losing money due to downtime or inconvenient safety hazards when you rely on us. And we don’t just patch things up, we ensure longevity.

Need a fast response? Phone us now.

More than one hundred sites rely on Contracting Site Solutions to help with their maintenance requirements.

Maintenance services