Computer rooms, data centres and other commercial facilities rely on temperature control for optimum performance and results, so effective commercial air conditioning and HVAC is a must.

Unfortunately, traditional commercial HVAC solutions aren’t always as efficient as they are effective.

CSS are now able to improve the efficiency, performance and reliability of your commercial air conditioning, by upgrading your existing HVAC to the newest technology for thermal infrastructure: EC fans.

EC – Electrically Commutated – fans, provide an innovative commercial air conditioning solution, at a cost effective price, and are suitable for:

  • data centres
  • computer rooms
  • commercial facilities
  • mechanical plants
  • indoor and outdoor fan replacements

Over 2000 EC fans have been retrofitted into CRAC units in Australia since 2011, resulting in 40-70% savings in fan energy consumption (average 52%).

Fan and cooling performance remains unchanged, and EC fans have lower operating costs, due to not featuring belts or pulleys.

If you are interested in a review of your current commercial air conditioning solutions, or would like to learn more, contact us.