Contracting Site Solutions is the distributor and preferred installer of the market leading Tate Inc floor to ceiling solutions.

Raised access floors

Contracting Site Solutions are your best choice for raised access floors.

We provide high end architectural finishes and versatile flooring solutions to promote flexibility, productivity and accessibility in the workplace. Additionally, our sought after raised access floors offer proper ventilation and protection as well as hiding unsightly cables and equipment. Designed to reduce noise and with antistatic qualities, these floor solutions provide complete protection to active computer equipment.

Whether you need elevated structural flooring or an updated way to store and safeguard your equipment in your office or data centre, we have a range of affordable and functional options that not only look sleek but are built to last, even with regular use. Designed by engineers/architects, our flooring solutions exceed Australian standards and appeal to many.

Browse the new architectural finishes available for raised access floors here.

Raised access floors with architectural finishes


For state of the art containment options, look no further than our industry expertise and solutions for your commercial building.

The unique design of the containment solutions available offer innovative strategies to improve airflow (both hot and cold) as well as capacity and energy efficiency for a range of storage needs.

With an array of containment selections that will fit your site; they are within budget and aesthetically pleasing with a contemporary look. With full customisation, we make it a priority to adjust and install a solution that truly works for you.

With a focus on user safety, there is a choice of design and are comprised of sturdy materials without compromising your budget.

Structural ceilings

Our structural ceiling offerings are innovative and quick to install and are ideal for upholding significant weight and bulk within your building.

As an extremely cost effective solution, these fit outs can be distinctly tailored to your space, ensuring complete custom built systems without compromising on safety and strength.

Our experienced contractors can install and maintain your structural ceiling fitting for any configuration.

Contact our office for all your floor to ceiling needs.

Structural ceilings