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A long history…

Contracting Site Solutions evolved out of the iconic Fricker Brothers building business, which was responsible for the construction of many significant buildings around Adelaide, including the MLC building on Victoria Square (now Beacon House). While Fricker Brothers building business was established earlier, in 1921 they were foundation members of Master Builders SA, and this membership is still maintained by CSS today.

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Breaking new ground

Fricker Brothers set an imposing record of achievements in building construction with the new Cox Bros store in Rundle Street. The new building demonstrated the modern methods coming to building construction.

“Steel and concrete structures have come into their own, and new materials and the revolutionary system of construction based on their properties, make it possible for contractors to plan buildings with freedom and economy. Concrete, steel, glass, rubber, cork, and modern metallic alloys are all used now with good effect to bring more beauty to buildings.” Source.

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Continued evolution

Fricker Brothers added a structural steel section to their business, which operated from Carrington Street, giving the services business Fricker Carrington.

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Making moves

The building and services business moved to Milner Street, Hindmarsh, and in this year Fricker Brothers were also responsible for building the Hilton Hotel on Victoria Square, Adelaide.

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Embracing new technologies

Computer Site Services (then Solutions) was established as the building part of the business was wound down, and they focused on new technologies, turning their skills to the design and construct of data centres and mission critical equipment.

The Story

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Contracting Site Solutions

Today we bring our wealth of skills developed over the years to offer the full breadth of commercial contracting services to clients across Australia.

To better reflect our offering, we are now known as Contracting Site Solutions (CSS) while still embodying the innovation and experience established by Fricker Brothers.

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With over thirty five years’ experience, we have a proven track record and steadfast reputation in installing and maintaining economical, custom designed solutions for your business.

Meet the Team

Our reliable and responsive team are always eager to help you with the best solution possible, affording you genuine peace of mind and making all the difference to your organisation.

Case Study

Barossa Council Diesel Generator

Providing critical power to the community

With no previous backup power system, The Barossa Council was in a tenuous position which culminated when they experienced an outage and suffered data loss. This highlighted their vulnerability and the need for an effective and capable solution.


Having the backup generator not only gives us peace of mind but has allowed for fundamental Council services to continue when required.

Kim O’Malley

Mid Murray Council

We have also engaged CSS to perform monthly maintenance and ongoing support, which has been highly valuable when we’ve had small breakdowns and they have been incredibly responsive and issues have been fixed expeditiously.

On one occasion they immediately picked up a potential “wear and tear” problem with one of the hoses.

Not only did they prevent a potential hazard but they managed to manufacture the custom part in the same day.

Ryan Hill

IT Manager, Alexandrina Council

CSS have been great to work with.

They do what they do well, tell you what they’re going to do and what they need upfront.

They’re also good at taking control of the project and planning, to take the workload off us.

They weren’t just implementing a solution for the now but also future proofing the necessary data centres to coincide with the significant redevelopment and ensure that systems would continue to have a reliable power source.

Steve Diamond

Business & Information Services Manager, Adelaide Airport Limited

Our experience with CSS was invaluable, not just from a solutions point of view but in liaising with the helpful and informative staff, who really know their stuff and provided expert advice on what our needs were and the best product to accommodate them.

The support that we have received from CSS has been hugely beneficial.

Chris Horsell

Manager for Knowledge and Technology Services, Barossa Council

Today’s installation went according to plan, and the quality of work is superb. It has truly lifted the level of the communications room.

Adam excels at customer relationship management, and the whole team were professional, considerate and neat.

We look forward to continuing the positive relationship with CSS.

Lyn Mason

ICT Manager, ECH