CSS partner with AST to offer world leading modular data centre solutions

CSS has formed a partnership with AST – the world’s leading modular data centre provider – to expand our offering and provide clients with new solutions.

AST Modular has its headquarters in Barcelona, Spain as well as offices in the US, South America and Asia and has chosen CSS as their partner as they expand into Australia and New Zealand.

AST Modular has pioneered data centres built inside ISO shipping containers around the world with 450 centres built and installed in more than 30 countries. Global clients include BP, BHP, IKEA, IBM, Jaguar, Pfizer and Chevron.

CSS Director, Brendan McColl, said we’re delighted to be selected as the regional partner of AST Modular.

“They’re respected around the world for their innovation, engineering capability and design integrity,” said Mr McColl.

“In this region, we see great potential for modular data centres because they can be deployed in virtually any location including the roof of a building, loading bay, secure compounds or even the company car park.

“In particular, they’re valuable in remote locations like mine sites and for healthcare facilities like regional hospitals.

“The capital expenditure for a modular data centre is typically 30 – 40% lower than a bricks and mortar centre. It also frees up space within an existing building.

“Also, because the centre is built inside a container it can easily be transported and deployed in another location.”


In addition to the containerised data centres, AST Modular offers Data Centre Modular Rooms, which are built inside fabricated units and deployed inside a warehouse or storage area.

They also provide Micro Data Centre Units, Data Centre Cooling Modules, Power Containers and EMI Shielding to interrupt electromagnetic interference and protect mission critical sites from signal disruption, servers and electronic equipment degradation.

AST Chief Executive Office Henry Daunert said AST Modular is thrilled about the partnership with CSS.

“A containerised data centre is a highly complex IT environment. CSS’ world-class engineering capabilities have been the differentiating factor in our scouting and selection process, ” said Mr Daunert.

“We see huge potential in Australia for micro and modular data centres as well as for mobile and ruggedized solutions that suit the needs of mining and oil and gas customers among others.”

For more information, visit www.computersite.com.au