Have exit lighting? You should consider L10 Lithium!

When we heard Etihad Stadium achieved an 83.5% saving in its maintenance costs by changing their exit lights we knew we had to share this information with you!

View the case study here.

The Clevertronics L10 Lithium range of emergency and exit lighting incorporates the latest Lithium battery technology which delivers:

  • Twice the battery life of current battery technologies used in these applications.
  • Twice the maintenance free period (designed for 10 year maintenance intervals, compared to the 4 to 5 years current best practice).
  • One of the most energy efficient emergency lighting product on the Australian market.
  • The first truly sustainable emergency lighting – batteries containing no toxic heavy metals or carcinogens.

Three core elements are engineered to deliver twice the maintenance free operation:

1. The application of 10 year Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology
2. State of the art, latest technology, solid state LED’s
3. Power supplies and drivers engineered to outlast the life of the LED and battery

L10 Lithium

The L10 Lithium Range is supplied with a 4 year product warranty. Additionally, when supplied as part of a Clevertronics Zoneworks system, the L10 product warranty includes an on-site warranty component (see Zoneworks on-site warranty terms).

The LiFePO4 battery technology in the Clevertronics L10 range represents the fourth battery technology now available for emergency lighting applications. Due, until recently, to the absence of a suitable alternative, the other three battery types, Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh and Lead Acid, have presented the world with a serious environmental issue particular to emergency lighting. All three contain toxic heavy metal contaminants, namely Cadmium, Nickel and Lead; and all three contain carcinogens. Cadmium and Nickel are known carcinogens, and Lead is considered a probable carcinogen.

The L10 Lithium option is available for most Clevertronics emergency lighting products.