Case Study: Radio Rentals

Project Case Study: Radio Rentals

Date: 2014

Solutions: Back Up Power Generator

Location: Adelaide, South Australia

CSS was given a design brief to integrate a back up power generator to power an entire Radio Rentals site.

This included retail showroom, executive offices, distribution warehouse, statewide call centre and crucial central computer system and computer room.

The computer room had a previous installation of UPS on critical systems that would last shorter outages, but essential cooling ceased at mains outage. The phone system also has a small backup system inbuilt. The retailer wished to remain trading and continue call centre support during mains outages.

There were challenges: the existing main switchboard was fed directly from an adjacent distribution supply transformer and could not be modified due to space limitations plus its footings had sunk unevenly.

The existing slab was underpinned without interruption to electrical services, and the new 550A per phase silenced generator was placed adjacent (taking up four car park spaces) on a new concrete footing. CSS ensured protective bollards were placed around the unit to guard against vehicular damage. A new main switchboard was designed with connections to align with minimal adjustment to existing direct buried cables from below. This larger board, complete with automatic transfer switch, was placed on the underpinned and extended slab during a Sunday overnight outage, as per the customer requirements.

The site was back online well before Monday when call centre operations began. The generator was load tested and placed online out of hours over ensuing days. It only took four weeks for the unit to prove itself invaluable to the business, when business operations continued despite a 2-hour mains outage occurring.

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